World's Oldest Running Car Sells for $4.6 Million at Auction

Some of the most exciting events of Hershey Week were the RM Auctions at Hershey Lodge on October 6-7, 2011. The highlight was the sale of the 1884 De Dion Bouton Trepardoux Dos-A-Dos Steam Runabout, considered the world's oldest running car. Here are the pictures of the car as it was displayed in ballroom lobby and a 6-minute video showing its sale for an amazing $4.62 million, over twice the low estimate.

The three-wheeled water powered car, known as ”La Marquise,” predates the “birth of the automobile,” when Karl Benz was granted the first patents to build a gasoline-powered car in 1886.

Fox reports that “La Marquise,” which was officially billed as the “oldest running motor car,” could carry four people at a speed of 37 mph. Only 20 “La Marquise” cars were produced and only 6 are left in existence. The one that just sold at auction was also in the world’s first automobile race in 1887.

RM Auctions estimated that the steam powered car would fetch about $2 million. But their expectations were swiftly surpassed as the steam engine car became the most expensive car purchased at auction. The Daily Mail notes that the final price of $4.2 million was bumped up by a 10% buyers fee that goes to the auction house.

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