Harley Davidson Sidecar

This is one of the more unusual motorcycles that appeared in the recent AMD Championship. Unusual because it’s perfectly rideable, and also because it was the first time a sidecar outfit has competed in Sturgis. ‘Union’ was built by Abnormal Cycles of Italy, a workshop that has come a long way since we featured its BMW cafĂ© racer over a year ago. The Bernareggio-based company created an Art Deco-inspired sidecar—complete with wood trim—and hooked it up to a 1942 Harley-Davidson Model U. The leaf spring fork is inspired by an Indian design—beefed up to cope with the extra weight—while fellow Italians Kustom Tech built the three chrome-and-brass drum brakes. The wheels are JoNich 18-inchers and the tires are from CEAT, two brands that are new names to me, but look pretty good. There’s something reminiscent of Flash Gordon about this machine: like the movie, it somehow hangs together, when logic says it shouldn’t.

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